How can you do this? Who is sponsoring this trip? What about your startup then? Do you want to cross $ multi-million or want to get diverted?  Oh, wait. Hold on, Hold on… There were endless questions my folks asked me when they come to know about my trip. Before sharing the overall experience of my trip let me share something about life from my point of view.

Life is about freedom, self-realisation, and to live, to live totally, before you fall dead, every aspect of exploring life and nothing left unexplored. But let’s accept the reality that even 10,000 years are less to explore life to the fullest, so do whatever best you can do with your time.

Due to this physiology, I was able to travel.

Trip Introduction

Started my trip on 2oth September 2022 and it ends on 20th Nov 2022. I went to Thailand (14 days), Vietnam (13 days), Cambodia (8 days), Singapore (15 days), and Malaysia (10 days).

  • It was an unplanned trip with no prebooking
  • My first International trip
  • It was a solo trip
  • No pre-booking, or information about the place
  • No International Rules awareness


I was involved in office meetings, working to the extent that I don’t get a minute to search about the places. I applied for a visa to Vietnam online which I received. Another thing I did, was I applied for a forex card, which I received in 3 hours. That was the only thing, I did for pre-planning sake.

20th Sept 2022

I finished my 12 pm meeting with the client and realised that the project is moving in the right direction. It’s time to relax, then I booked my evening flight to Thailand, as the ticket was cheaper, compare to end minute ticket of Vietnam. Thailand has on arrival visa, so I was sorted.

I packed my bag in 3 hours, booked my cab and took my 11 pm flight. Oh wait, It was not that easy. At the airport, I learned that without having an exit ticket from the country, I can’t go to that country.

Airport Ticket Authority asked me when I am coming back to India.  I said, “No idea”

Yup, I said no idea. Then Immediately, they asked me to book the ticket, which I did randomly for 4th Oct to Vietnam. Well, my learnings start at the airport itself. Similarly, there was endless learning during those 60 days which I sharing as a summary.

  • For Indians, an exit ticket to the country is important to get inside the country.
  • The best Forex Card for Indians is Niyo Global till 2022.
  • Carry US dollar in hand because you can easily convert them to any currency.
  • Some countries accept only cash, and some accept only cards or US dollars for providing on-arrival visas, so have both
  • If you are vegetarian then stop looking for Indian food and adopt International ‘Vegan Food’.  The definition of veg is different in every country but vegan is the same.
  • Carry Vitamin capsules to fulfil your nutrition as a backup.
  • Indians are everywhere, If you are stuck somewhere you can take help from them.
  • The world is friendly if you are friendly. I got a free stay, food, and city tour when I was in Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia
  • Indians and maybe Asians love taking pictures compared to Europeans.
  • Indian Passport is very weak and ranked 69. We are the top 5 superpowers of the world but still, we have to apply for visas everywhere and the immigration officers don’t treat Indians that great compare to UAE, Singapore, USA, and Canadian citizens.
  • Carry good quality raincoat as frequent rain is very common in south-east Asia.

New Things I Explored

  • JetSki with 1800 CC, I drove for 4 hours at the speed of 80km/hour.
  • International Vegan food, I just love Syrian cuisine.
  • Started playing pool. I practised 22 hours, 4 days in Malaysia and 2 days in Vietnam.
  • Improved my swimming skill under a German gold medalist swimmer.
  • Tried selling precious stones on roadside stalls, my god it was completely out of my personality.
  • Drove ATV for 2 hours on the mountain. It’s so much fun
  • Drove Right-hand side bike for 400 KM on mountains in Vietnam.

New Culture I Learned

  • In many countries, it is completely normal to have kids without marriage
  • There is no concept of arranged marriage in Australia and many European countries.
  • Indians travel to see the places while Europeans travel to explore the place and spend months (In General)
  • Vietnamese women are very hard-working.
  • Although prostitution is illegal since 1960 in Thailand still it is popular because of the lack of jobs and corrupt police.
  • Chinese are not doing anything wrong as per them. It’s just the world doesn’t want them to grow.
  • Japanese People have a concept of Onsen. Where everybody takes a bath together. Onsen are natural hot springs, fueled by volcanic activity, as well as the resort atmosphere that has emerged around many such springs. They have Onsen Town too.
  • Generally, Muslim Women are conservative across the globe but still in Malaysia Women are working and way forward thinking compare to other other Islamic states.
  • In Vietnam & Thailand, Drinking water is not free even after dinner in a restaurant or in a hotel which you have booked.
  • In Thailand, instead of using the forefinger, they use the thumb in 2nd hand to show the number 6.

Thai Count

Things which Indians should Work on

  • Grooming, especially Indian Man doesn’t have negligible knowledge of grooming.
  • World think India is not a safe country to travel to, especially for girls
  • India is a polluted and dirty country. Let’s clean it or have some basic civic sense.
  • In 2022, The global tourism Index ranking of India is 54, despite having so many natural beauties.
  • Indian Men are desperate and misbehave with girls from other countries.
  • We need to uplift woman’s Safety issues to have a better global image.

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Akshay Patni

Akshay Patni is the founder of RankHawn, which helps companies to scale up through online marketing. He started his firm with Rs. 1000 and today he created a $ million revenue from it. He helps brands like BigBasket, BharatPe, 1mg, boAt, Manayvar etc. In his free time, he consults young entrepreneurs to start a company. His hobbies are Chess, Lawn Tennis, music, internet surfing and travelling to know different cultures.

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